Point Mountain, Hancock NY – The Tale of a Crypt

Where the East and West Branch rivers converge in the small town of Hancock NY, lies Point Mountain.  Dr. Lester Ellis Woolsey (1873-1962), the owner of the property, was the longtime Delaware County coroner who had practiced medicine in Hancock since 1901.  A memorial for Dr. Woolsey was built in the 1940’s to house his remains along with several others.  There are over 200 resting places available in the mausoleum.   At one time, around 30 or so bodies were housed, but the mausoleum was never finished.  By the 1970’s, all bodies were removed due to vandals and grave robbers.  Dr. Woolsey is buried at the Old Colonial Mausoleum, Union Dale, Pa.         (1st photo – Author Unknown)


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I grew up in Hancock and could see the mausoleum from where we lived. We were told as kids that it was haunted. This is the first time I’ve ever seen pictures of it and heard the real story behind it. Thank you for posting this. It was awesome to get to see something like this that takes me back to my childhood.

Lots of Indian caves–arrow heads I have found on the property years ago. The Pa side of the mountain use to contain such items. As a Cub Scout we use to camp out there. Jeff Smith brought the water !

When I was a child living in Fish’s Eddy/Hancock we would go up there and picnic. It was a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. As a child a little on the spooky side as well. These pics sure bring back the memories.

The owners ask that people do not trespass on this property. The mausoleum is in poor condition and is considered dangerous.

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